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    Default 2160 trans needs help

    Hello Tractor Heads- I am constantly amazed by the information on the web and by the good people who will share their knowledge and help each other out. Sounds like B-kissin but it's true- who thought that there would be a discussion forum on garden tractors! Kudos to you all!
    So- I have a question:
    I have a 1995---2160 Cub Cadet tractor. It is NOT an auto trans but the manual with 6 speeds. Love the "Beast" as my son calls it-
    Over the years the shifter has developed a lot of play front to back. Meaning the shifter must move at least 2 or 3 gear indicators before it will engage the next gear. I can get all six gears but neutral is unreachable. The shifter hits the end of its slot before in can reach neutral. Not a huge deal but the tractor deserves neutral!
    The clutch/ or forward/reverse pedal still works pretty well, very little slippage if any.
    I drained and filled the trans/rear end with new recommended fluid, it did make small improvements in the overall function of everything, but I still can't get neutral.
    Can anyone tell me what's going on inside the trans. I looked for some external adjustments but saw none. I love to do maintenance on such equipment or simple tinkering- but I don't think that I am one to tear down the rear end.
    Any advise would be appreciated-
    Pardon the long post-

    Thanks-- solds

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    Default Re: 2160 trans needs help

    Well I just browsed through the service manual and didn't see anything that would help you. I have a 2160 also. Well really it was a 2165 that I put a 2160 axle into so now it's a 2160 I guess. Anyways you're right about no adjustment. I don't see anything inside the axle that would adjust either.
    You can download the service manual for the 2160 from

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    Default Re: 2160 trans needs help

    I just looked at the parts blowup for this transaxle, and it is an ugly ordeal to work on. It is a real-deal 6 speed manual transmission, and looks to use a set of internal keyed arms along with a few spacers and collars to serve as the shift fork mechanism. Parts of that mechanism are worn out, and the transaxle would have to be removed and disassembled in order to repair it. It might be a worthwhile winter project for the adventurer, like taking apart an old wind-up clock

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    Default Re: 2160 trans needs help

    Thanks for the replies guys-Looks like it'll be going to the local repair shop in the near future. Figured it would be quite a job-
    Thanks again for the input.


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