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    Default Can an MTD Snoblower be modified to fit a 2000 series cub?

    Hello everyone,
    Does anybody know what the differences are between a 190-627 model snowblower manufactured by MTD, and the Cub 190-341? I know MTD makes Cub, but I'm not sure what crosses over.
    There's a guy on ebay selling MTD 190-627 snowblowers for ~300.00 claiming they can be modified to work on almost any machine. It's probably a pipe-dream that it can be easily modified to work on a 2160 cub... By easily modified I'm thinking no welding or serious fabrication, just drilling and bolt work.

    I know, I know you get what you pay for and there's a reason that Cub Cadet charges 1200.00 for the 190-341 snowblower attachament, I just can afford that at this time.

    Let me know what you guys think of this one...


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    Default Re: Can an MTD Snoblower be modified to fit a 2000 series cub?

    I'm just drawing at straws here but I looked at those on E-Bay. Your guess that it is a pipe dream that it could easily fit your 2160 is probably a good one. Just in taking a quick look at those snowblowers I'm thinking that they are primarily designed for vertical crankshaft light lawn tractors made by MTD such as Yard Man, White, Powercraft, etc. I'm just looking at the drive belt setup and it looks like it wants to go to a vertical mounted PTO. As your 2160 is a horizontal shaft engine/PTO setup, I just don't think those light MTD blowers can be made to work for your tractor, at least not easily.

    I live near Buffalo, NY LOL and can tell you with all honesty that your money would likely be better invested in getting a good walk behind snow blower. I have a blower for my 682 that was used only 2 seasons. Just too much of a pain to take the deck off and put the blower and weights and chains on and vice-versa, and the walk behind is easier to maneuver and does a better job. JMHO, of course!

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    Default Re: Can an MTD Snoblower be modified to fit a 2000 series cub?

    I agree with FL. The 2000 series GT's are a different animal from the typical MTD vert shaft engine line. It would probalby cost you more to modify the blower to fit the 2K series than to just buy one made for the 2K series. Price wise, it's kind of a toss-up. A very good quality walk-behind blower will cost you $1200. Having owned both, it sure is nice to hop on a tractor and get'er done with a few passes- depending on your conditions of course. The 100' blacktop driveway I have now is easily done in minutes with my 7yr old yardman 7hp/24" walk behind.

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    Default Re: Can an MTD Snoblower be modified to fit a 2000 series cub?

    Anything can be made to fit, but you will spend more time and $$$$$ making it work than if you had bought the right one the first time.....
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    Default Re: Can an MTD Snoblower be modified to fit a 2000 series cub?

    I love my riding snowblower and soft cab
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