Merry Christmas everyone. I've been putting up with this problem for a couple of years now. It just dawned on me last night to post a question about it here,so here it comes.
I have a CC 1440 1996 or 7 I think. I gotta say I worked it hard those first couple of years clearing an overgrown lot. The problem must have developed slowly because I really don't know when it started.What it does is,when you are pushing on the hst handle,it pushes back.If the engine is running at low rpm you don't even notice, but the more rpm,the harder it pushes.If you have some sort of ground engaging implement on and put a load on the wheels it is even worse. I had it to the dealer,they tore it apart and replaced a valve of some sort but it only improved the matter slightly. I still use the CC for trimming and for snow romoval. Does anyone have any similar problems or ideas for solution?Thanks for any help and again Merry Christmas.