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    Default Dual Wheel Adapters

    On this website ive seen some info about dual wheel adapters and how well they work. i used a 2 inch wide piece of flatstock from home depot and 8 carriage bolts. i bent the flatstock by using map gas torch and a lot of muscle and my brother in law helped me. bend the flatstock around while pounding it in place with a hammer, and make sure itll fit in the lip of your 12 inch rims (MATCH IT AGAINST EVERY RIM). this is the spacer. after the steel is bent vice grip it together and weld the two ends (overlap them) to complete the ring that is your spacer. now sandwich the spacer between the tires and carriage bolt it together.

    this may take some time and work but its worth it. i have 2 6inch tires on each side of my cub cadet 70 and wow does it handles mowing the steep hills like its nothing (i almost tipped it before these dual wheels). gotta love the traction too. i will try to upload pics. please feel free to ask any questions.
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    Default Re: Dual Wheel Adapters

    I suggest a Roll bar and wrinkle wall slicks.
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    Default Re: Dual Wheel Adapters

    I like your idea, I may have to try that someday.

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    Default Re: Dual Wheel Adapters

    Yeah man its great! I had to grind the wheels off of my mower deck tho to get the duallys on. We have a steep hill next to the road an i almost flipped it once. I mowed my grass tonight with the duallys on and it was as easy as my wife after the movies. If you put in a 2 inch wide flatstock you get about 14 inchs total width on each side. The traction is awesome too (my torque will actually pop up the front end now) and i cant wait to fill the tires with washer fluid an throw some wheel weights on it.

    mmurphy, you can get a set of these on ebay for like 45 bucks. The reason why i did it my way was because the ones sold on ebay are not made out of steel. Its some sort of plastic/rubber spacer. overall i paid about just as much as you would pay on ebay (after they screw you for with the shipping). If you do it like i did be sure to put LOCK NUTS on the carriage bolts. Dont be lazy an not pay the $2.15 a piece for the nuts. No one can afford to lose a wheel fallowed by a leg. SAFETY FIRST guys.

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    Default Re: Dual Wheel Adapters

    I built a set of adapters for my little Ford 1100 4x4 subcompact tractor. It was cool, and would go pretty much anywhere with those tires on it. Just floated across the top of the mud. Still have the adapters, but sold the tractor.
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    Default Re: Dual Wheel Adapters

    I did that to a BX, but I riveted the ends of the spacer, they sure do work well. This link shows how it goes together, and there's a thread on here somewhere that shows how I made the spacers.

    Here's the link getting the spacers made.
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    Default Re: Dual Wheel Adapters


    that was a pretty slick idea

    I wonder if a rim fro a car would work?
    like the donut spare in your car less the tire?
    or an atv rim

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