I finally got more work lights installed on the 4700. This
was a spur of the moment buying decision on my part but in the end it worked out. I was in a auto parts store and so "Tractor Work Light." Of which they had exactly ONE. I needed at least two and really three. So off started the Odyssey.

I ended up buying a kit for 4x4s at a different store. The lights are 55 watts and throw a trapazoid pattern. That was the easy part. How to install these things on the top of the ROPS without drilling holes? What I should have done is just gone to the JD dealer and bought the same light for $5 more. I would have had better instructions and maybe brackets. Just food for thought.

Since I did not do the above I spent about two hours at Ace trying to figure out how to hang the lights from the ROPS. What I ended up doing was getting a 1 inch square hollow bar of aluminum, Ubolts, plates, nuts, washers, extra wire and electrical tape. I spent about $20 dollars to get the stuff to mount the lights. See the comment above about going to the dealer! 8-)

I drilled six holes in the bar. 4 to fit the ubolts through and two that lined up with holes in the ROPS that allowed me to thread the electrical wire. The bar fits on the back side of the ROPS and at the very top. This gets my lights well above my head and in front of the tractor. One end of the ubolts goes around the ROPS while the other goes through the two holes in the square bar. A plate fits over the ends of the Ubolt which is held in place by washers and nuts.

The Ubolts are longer than I need but all they had. I did have the common sense to point the ends of the bolts UP so I would not ram my head into the bolts. I do wear a Stihl helment with ear and face protection but I did not want to temp fate! 8-)

That was the semi easy part.

The real hard part was wiring this sucker. The wire ran through the bar, out the two "exit" holes and into the ROPS. Finally down the ROPS to the frame of the tractor. On the right side of the 4700, where the frame and ROPS intersect, there is a taped up black and purple wires. Black is ground. I connected the wires togather, presto and Shazam! We have lights.

The lights are connected to the operation light circuit on a 20 amp fuse. So I can still put on a couple more lights. I really need one more pointing aft so I can work with the backhoe. 8-)

The lights I have upside down beside the ROPS. This provide s a bit more protection from being hit by limbs and such.

I used the lights on Saturday night and they really made a difference. I now have a light pattern covering about 150 degrees around the tractor AND I have light OVER the FEL. Prior to the lights the FEL would block the tractor's headlights which was not good. Now the FEL can block the my work lights but the headlights cover the effected area. And vice versa.

I now need a rear facing light.... 8-)

Hope this helps...
Dan McCarty