It was raining this morning, cutting into other plans, so I started on the hydraulics to the front of our loader. We have a JD 2015 5115M with the 310 loader and global quick attach. I plan on running a grapple and a hydraulic auger at the front so ran lines from the rear to get the flow I wanted. The global quick attach is finicky so I attached a small cylinder I picked up on sale and designed a sleeve on the pin shaft so that the attach will still work manually as well. This is as far as I got today, had to wrap up, still need to fab up a spring system to keep the hoses up and then get it cleaned up and painted.

The square tubing slides on the shaft and pulls against an adjustable sleeve that pulls the shaft into the open position. When the cylinder extendes, it allows the shaft to slide through and close with the springs as per manual use.

Looking for ideas on keeping the hoses up, I picked up a screen door spring today, but not sure if I like that direction. Thanks in advance.
Hydraulic quick attach- JD global-img_0068-jpgHydraulic quick attach- JD global-image1-jpgHydraulic quick attach- JD global-image1-2-jpgHydraulic quick attach- JD global-img_0070-jpg