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    Default Will A ford backhoe attachment work JD Tractor

    I have a John Deere 870 Tractor I also have a ford 757B backhoe. I like to know if I would have to do anyhing on the backhoe to made it fix. It not a 3pt hookup it have the attachment that hookup underneath the Tractor.If anyone can help IT would be THANKFUL?

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    Default Re: Will A ford backhoe attachment work JD Tractor

    Attachable backhoes are not really brand specific, except that they typically come with mounting brackets that attach to the rear axle and motor or front frame member, and those are brand and model specific. As long as the backhoe isn't too large for the tractor, it is typically a matter of fabricating the correct frame mounts to attach it to your tractor. With that said, backhoes will put a LARGE strain on a tractor physically, so it is important to mount it to the tractor correctly. The general idea is to mount it so that it picks up the rear wheels and puts the front load on the loader frame (if you have a front end loader) or front wheels if there is not a loader.

    If you aren't pretty comfortable with this kind of design and fab work, you might want to check around and find someone with a lot of welding and farm equipment experience. They will have done backhoe frame mounts before. If you don't mount it in such a way as to take most of the twisting load off of the tractor motor/bell housing/transmission, there is a chance that your tractor will break if you try to do too much with the backhoe.

    If you are comfortable, there are threads here about fabricating a backhoe frame that you can search for, which are pretty helpful.

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