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    Default Cutting an exhaust hole in hood- IH 460 utility

    Hi All,

    I'm converting a horizontal exhaust IH 460 utility to a vertical exhaust. This was a factory option, but if you chose a horizontal exhaust, the hood came without a hole I guess. So I've got the parts to shoot it up out of the manifold, but now I need to make sure I get a hole lined up appropriately. I don't want to make the hole too much over sized. Its a 2" exhaust. How do I figure out where to EXACTLY to cut the hole?

    I'm asking a similar question on the Case-IH page, to see if anyone can give me measurements off their own machine. It wouldn't be in a manual or something wood it? Its not in one that I have....

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    Default Re: Cutting an exhaust hole in hood- IH 460 utility

    Don't have an IH, but here's generically what might work - assuming you already have the manifold either reversed, or it comes with two blankoffs (top and bottom) I would go to your local hardware store, take a small square with you - pick up a 1/2" pipe "floor flange" and a 1/2" nipple just long enough to reach up close to the inside surface of your hood (or a bit longer, cut off a bit if necessary.) - use the square to check accuracy of the pipe fittings BEFORE you buy, I've found that the Chinese must do most things by "eyeball", so check as many fittings as it takes to find a combo that is square between the base of the floor flange and the body of the pipe nipple.

    Now, take a small scrap of plywood, about 3-4" square, place it over the studs (if there are any) on your manifold exhaust flange, tap gently with a hammer to make two indents in the plywood so you can drill holes there (ignore this step if the exhaust flange has only holes) -

    One way or another, get the plywood scrap to sit flat on your flange, then screw the pipe floor flange to the nipple and set it flat (and centered) on the plywood over your exhaust port.

    If necessary, cut the end off the nipple so it will JUST clear your hood, hold it all in place centered on your manifold's exhaust flange and use a "sharpie" to draw around the top end of the nipple.

    This will give you a circle on the inside of your hood. Remove the hood and use that circle as the center for a hole saw - cut the hole, file smooth, paint, replace hood, oughta work... Steve

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