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    Default Rear hydraulic remotes on B2620

    I was thinking I wanted a hydraulic top link, don't think I need a side link but will probably add one later, and I wanted a grapple for the loader bucket so I thought I could do both with one valve by running the lines up to the front and just switching them if I needed a second hydraulic ports at the rear.
    This is what I came up with, works pretty good so far, I was able to mount the loader valve lever just behind my elbow so I can pretty much operate the lever without taking my hand off the loader joystick.
    I didn't want to attach anything permenant to my tractor so all this can be removed and placed back to the original way with just a few bolts and 2 lines.

    And I should be able to finish the grapple mount today and get it attached.
    It's been a fun project and having never worked with hydraulics before I learned a lot getting this done .
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    Default Re: Rear hydraulic remotes on B2620

    Nice looking install. Does that box get in your way? That just looks like something I would keep hitting with my elbow.

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