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    Default Re: New grab hook bar added to bucket

    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Fowler View Post
    As far as I am aware, there is no such thing as grade 8 lock washers. Bolts are graded by tensile strength, but lock washers are all the same regardless of the grade of bolt application. To me, nothing beats a double nut for locking a nut in place on a thru bolt
    I disagree... almost ALL bolt suppliers (Doorman, Fastenal, Home Depot, Lowe's) offer grade 8 lock washers.
    Do a google search and you'll find many references to grade 8 lock washers.
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    Default Re: New grab hook bar added to bucket

    Don't worry about lock washers.


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    Default Re: New grab hook bar added to bucket

    I would use some never sieze and,a regular washer and nylock nuts.

    Looks good

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    Default Re: New grab hook bar added to bucket

    Quote Originally Posted by deathtoblackberries View Post

    A drop of blue locktite and forget it. Edit: on second thought, rust prone environment I second anti-seize and a jam nut or lock washer.

    This may seem strange to you guys but, besides being a locking compound, Loctite also works as an anti-seize. It seals the air and water out of the bolt threads keeping them clean and shiny!

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    Default Re: New grab hook bar added to bucket

    Darn I like that--very nice!!!


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    Default Re: New grab hook bar added to bucket

    Thanks Woodsman,

    I have used it a few times and the hooks have worked out great. the rings stay out of the way when you load fire wood in the bucket.


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    Nice looking welds. I did the same thing on my tractor but used channel instead of flat bar. Just a friendly suggestion would be to add some type of vertical strength because I have slightly bent the top of my bucket even with the channel. I will admit I abuse the receiver by rolling the bucket with a chain pulling large logs. My channel is stitch welded to the top of the bucket. Your flat bar is adding little strength preventing bowing the top. Just trying to help you out before you bend your nice looking bucket.

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