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    Default Replacing the Anti-Scalp Wheels on a Kubota RCK60B23BX 60" Belly Mower

    I bought a used kubota RCK60 belly mower for my BX2660 two years ago. After trying to keep grass in my sloping horses pasture and elswhere at a reasonable height with a 48" Land Pride cutter, the math of adding another 12" to each cut, plus balancing the tractor with the mower mid-mounted won me over. The unit had been used a bit and the two years of service on our farm put some wear and tear on the mower. This year, I decided to get an additional set of blades so I could rotate them between sharpening/servicing. But I also need to replace the Anti-Scalp Wheels.

    I had been eying the Anti-Scalp Wheels w/ Bushings & Axle Bolts w/ Grease Fittings that Mower Deck Axle (Mower Deck Axles,Carrera,Cayman,John Deere,Kubota) sells. My two chief complaints with the stock Kubota design is that the wheels are just plastic with a grease fitting. Granted, they aren't terribly expensive. But they wear excessively on their axle bolt and the grease fittings are notorious for staying attached to the grease gun when you try and service them. The plastic threads in the wheels strip out pretty easily. While this seems like a simple complaint, it always seems that when I need to lube the wheels, the grease fitting is stuck in the grease gun nipple which requires trips back and forth to the tool box for vice grips and other tools when what I really need to be doing is mowing. While pricey at $140 for a set of four, the Mower Deck Axle units have axle bolts that have been drilled and fitted on the very end with a grease fitting. The wheels have a metal bushing pressed into them that fits around the drilled axle perfectly. When you grease the axle bolt, the grease exits through a hole in the middle of the bolt, placed in the middle of the bushing. There is no wallowing out of the plastic. There is no accidental removal of the grease fitting. All in all, it is an excellent piece of design and practical thought!

    Now all I need is a set of their axle stands with the 5" wheels so I can roll my mower around the garage!

    Mel Hughes
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    Default Re: Replacing the Anti-Scalp Wheels on a Kubota RCK60B23BX 60" Belly Mower

    " the grease fitting is stuck in the grease gun nipple ".

    Next time look at the tip of your grease gun. There will be a knurled part on the metal of the tip. You can adjust the tip to fit looser or tighter to fit different sized zerks.

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