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    Default Bush Hog M446 quick connect to skid steer quick connect

    Thought I'd share this for all the Bush Hog loader owner's out there...

    I recently purchased a set grapples to use to clean up some burnt brush piles. As I was shopping around, I was tossing around the idea as to what kind of quick connect system to get on them. We have a M8560 that has a kubota loader w/the skid steer quick connect. We also have a M6800 that has a Bush Hog loader that has the proprietary Bush Hog quick connect system. I was wanting to go with the Bush Hog system because that tractor is a little older and really don't like the idea of treating a tractor like a bulldozer, but it happens from time to time. I found a company that could custom fab a set of grapples for the Bush Hog system, but would make them worthless to the 8560. Also, if we were to think about trading for a new tractor sometime down the road, the Bush Hog system is obsolete (per Bush Hog). We already have a Bush Hog bucket and hay fork for the 6800, so I tossed the idea around of converting it all over to a skid steer quick connect. I soon found out that the most economical and practical solution was to create a Bush Hog/skid steer adapter.

    I found a universal skid steer adapter from Titan Attachements and some Bush Hog implement adapters from The Bush Hog adapters were drop shipped from Tri-L Manufacturing. I had to do some custom fabbing of my own, which was trim the Bush Hog adaters down the fit the skid steer plate and then weld them to it. All in all, it worked out pretty nice. Haven't had the opportunity to try the grapples out yet, but we've unloaded over 2k lbs loads of feed tubs with a set of skid steer pallet forks and the improvised adapter.

    Bush Hog M446 quick connect to skid steer quick connect-2016-11-04-12-50-aBush Hog M446 quick connect to skid steer quick connect-2016-11-04-12-50-a

    Titan Attachments universal skid steer link:
    Universal Skid Steer Quick Attach Conversion Adapter Plate Bobtach Blank QTA

    BuyAttachments4Less bolt-on bracket set for Bush Hog loaders link:

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    Default Re: Bush Hog M446 quick connect to skid steer quick connect

    Hold "Ctrl" (Control) and click on a picture or a Link, to open it in a new Tab.

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