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Thanks, and yea... I'm glad I went, too. Had a good parking spot... even if I did forget to turn the car off

So my brother's speech thanked everyone under the sun... except the family and especially the wife!!! BG Neal reminded him of that fact... was pretty funny hearing him backpedaling.

He flew A-10's for 27 years and I'm pretty sure, if he could afford it, he would have paid them to do it. His last flight was last Nov. in the same plane that he took his first flight in...
The A-10's are really great planes.

Years ago, well a couple of decades ago, I was driving up the FLA Turnpike to Orlando and four A-10's were "attacking" a Cypress hammock. Bad Cypress trees, Bad! The A-10s would circle like buzzards, then one by one peel off and make a pass at the bad Cypress trees. They repeated this a couple of times before I drove out of sight. I figured the A-10s had flown all of the way from Myrtle Beach, SC to punish those trees.

Fun to watch though. When Homestead AFB was had active duty units, I was on a sail boat south of Miami when a couple of F16's made a pass on us. I saw them stack up to the SE, turn and make a shallow dive at us. They did not get close but I know they had us in their sights. Good for them they pulled up and did not get close! We almost pulled out our M1 Carbine to show we meant bizness!