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    Default Re: Daughter starting summer vacation in a cast

    Quote Originally Posted by gsganzer View Post
    You feel so helpless when your child gets hurt like that, but the whole family pulled together. Her little sister was so caring, supportive and scared for her big sis. He handled it well though.
    Well, the big question is how did Mom take it? It makes me cringe just looking at the x-rays. I broke my wrist (left) in a roller skating accident when I was in the 5th grade and even played softball before the cast came off. I could bat with one arm and catch bare handed without a glove because the palm portion of the cast was soft from being "messed with." I sure was happy when the cast came off and I had a normal arm again. Kids adapt to the cast, but those first moments after the break make your heart go a little wacky.

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    Default Re: Daughter starting summer vacation in a cast

    Quote Originally Posted by dmccarty View Post

    We are members of a pool that opens on Memorial Weekend. Last year our kids were there on opening day as was a friend of theirs. He was riding one of those skate scooters on the basketball court that is part of the pool when he fell. Compound fracture.

    He jumped up off the concrete, ran to the pool and jumped in. The pain hit him in the pool.

    Poor guy spent the summer in a cast and I think had to have pins put in.

    Our oldest has a fracture in her growth plate in her leg. No cast and she is healing fast. Thankfully she can get in the pool and she certainly won't miss the swim season.

    I never broke a bone even though I had a fridge fall on me once.

    Really sorry to here it when a kid gets hurt.

    How the heck did that happen!?
    "The darkest time is just one hour before dawn" - Johnny Cash.

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    Default Re: Daughter starting summer vacation in a cast

    Dan said,
    I never broke a bone even though I had a fridge fall on me once.
    Quote Originally Posted by jmurray01 View Post
    How the heck did that happen!?
    When I was about 4 or 5 we were renting a house that had a out building. I remember the outbuilding as being pretty nice and full of stuff. I don't remember going into the building but just peering in from the door. One side of the building had a "porch" that was being used to store some appliances. There was a fridge out on the porch, pretty sure it still had the door on as well, which was dangerous. A panel on the rear of the fridge was hanging down parallel to the ground. The bottom of the panel was attached to the back of the fridge. For some reason that panel told me to jump on it. So I did.

    When I jumped on the panel, it acted like a diving board and I went flying through the air but I landed right in front of the fridge. Of course jumping on the panel caused it to act like a lever and the fridge fell. I was under the fridge when it fell. I could see it falling and I think I was able to move a bit but the fridge hit my leg. I thought for sure my leg was going to get broken. But the only thing that happened was me being scared. My mom carried me in the house but I was fine.

    I need to ask mom if she remembers the fridge falling on me. I bet she does not.

    On the other side of the house was a strip of houses for migrant workers and on the other side was a very old, wood frame house that had several generations living inside. The granny made me a hand made quilt that I used for years and still have somewhere. There was a little boy living in one of the migrant houses who tricked me into eating a fresh picked hot pepper his momma was growing in a window. I started screaming about my mouth burning so she gave me a glass of milk and the spanked her son for tricking me into eating the hot pepper.

    Back in the 90's I was driving in the area and I went looking for the house. I did not know the address but I could remember some landmarks. I think I found the spot where these houses were located but they all seemed to be gone.


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