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    Default Daughter starting summer vacation in a cast

    Dang-it!! I just spent 6 hours at the ER with my 8YO daughter. She fell climbing over our split rail fence and broke her arm (both bones of the right forearm). We'll need to see a specialist Monday, to determine if it needs pinned.

    She was a real trooper at the ER and made me real proud with how she handled the ordeal.

    Yesterday was her last day of school. It looks like she'll spend the summer in a cast.
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    Default Re: Daughter starting summer vacation in a cast

    Sorry to hear that. Not the best way to start a summer vacation.

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    Default Re: Daughter starting summer vacation in a cast

    That is a tough way to start the summer. Sounds like mom and dad will be have to be creative in their summer activity choices.
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    Tough go. Makes swimming difficult. I bet at her age she'll heal fast.

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    Default Re: Daughter starting summer vacation in a cast

    Sorry that happened....same thing happened to my grand daughter one summer and we still took her to the beach...We put her arm and cast into a plastic bag and taped in up so it was sealed and she was still able to go in the water...You have to get creative...LOL

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    Default Re: Daughter starting summer vacation in a cast

    OUCH ... tell her we are all sad this happened. I'd bet being the trooper she is ... she will handle the summer just fine.
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    Default Re: Daughter starting summer vacation in a cast

    Tell her to hang in there, and get the cast signed. I did the same thing in about 5th grade. School got out, we were swinging on a rope in a hay barn and the rope broke. A little later when I landed on the concrete floor my wrist broke also.
    Wouldn't have been so bad if we had internet and sat TV, but in 1960 we had 2 tv channels and a 1 room library.
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    Default Re: Daughter starting summer vacation in a cast

    Sorry to hear that, she is a tough little girl; mine would have had to be Life Flighted out to the Mayo Clinic then 5 years of PTSD treatment.
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    Default Re: Daughter starting summer vacation in a cast

    Quote Originally Posted by TripleR View Post
    Sorry to hear that, she is a tough little girl; mine would have had to be Life Flighted out to the Mayo Clinic then 5 years of PTSD treatment.

    We are members of a pool that opens on Memorial Weekend. Last year our kids were there on opening day as was a friend of theirs. He was riding one of those skate scooters on the basketball court that is part of the pool when he fell. Compound fracture.

    He jumped up off the concrete, ran to the pool and jumped in. The pain hit him in the pool.

    Poor guy spent the summer in a cast and I think had to have pins put in.

    Our oldest has a fracture in her growth plate in her leg. No cast and she is healing fast. Thankfully she can get in the pool and she certainly won't miss the swim season.

    I never broke a bone even though I had a fridge fall on me once.

    Really sorry to here it when a kid gets hurt.


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    Default Re: Daughter starting summer vacation in a cast

    Sorry to hear about that, hope everything goes well with recovery.

    Find ways to decorate the cast, removeable stickers, markers, etc. They also usually have different color cast. With the attention she gets it may become a trophy to her.

    I know a few kids that this has happened to and decorating the cast plus the attention they get keeps helps a lot. Talk to the doctors and see if at some point a soft cast or air type cast can replace the one they start out with after a few weeks. She may be able to get in a pool then.
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