Just wanted to announce that my 42 year old step sister, who has basically never worked full time in her life, just graduated from college and I will be attending her party tomorrow. While I admire her determination to educate herself, I cannot help but wonder why she has chosen to be a professional student for such a long period of time. To me, who barely graduated from high school, the idea of attending college part time and having to study 24 years toward a MA boggles the mind. I would think attending college would sometimes be harder than just going to work full time, because when in school, you usually have to juggle a part time job, college, homework, and your personal life.

My step sister is the first person in our family who has ever gotten a college degree, and I admire her for that, no matter how long it took. I will check with her tomorrow and learn what her plans are. Back when she graduated from high school in 1988 she wrote me a thank you note for the gift I gave her, telling me she planned to attend college and then get a:

"Fantastic job..." Gee, I sure hope so !!!!