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    Default Re: Am I having a strange reaction?

    Piece of cake here. You are just now accepting of your own mortaility at the same time he unexpectedly killed himself. You are just substituting yourself for him and in that blink of an eye, see you as him.

    Rest assured you are going to die at some point so get done what you wnat to do. Tell those you care about what you think and do the things you always wanted to do. Do what you would if you only had a couple days to live because one day you will be right.

    May I be the kind of person my dogs think I am,

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    Default Re: Am I having a strange reaction?

    Just an update here which may lead to another round of posts. Police investigation showed the bicycle rider was not at fault in any way for the accident which killed him which means the car driver was responsible. Was talking to my brother about that and told him hopefully now the cyclists family will have more peace now that they know the man wasn't at fault, he told me if it someone in his family died in an accident he would be able to accept it better if the family member was responsible for his own demise and it wasn't caused by someone else.

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