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    Default My daughter has become a "teenzilla"......

    Well, not really.

    I don't usually post alot about my personal life but, Yesterday was a milestone for our family. I find that TBN members have a great sense of what is truley important in life and are very supportive of fellow members. Some of this is in jest but overalll sincere.

    To sum up our situation, my wife wasn't "supposed" to be able to carry a pregnancy to term and we are fortunate that she did. I have been blessed with surviving multiple Heart Attacks. We honestly know that every day counts and that God is Great.

    So, this is something I wrote from the heart yesterday, my daughters birthday. Much to her shagrin, I even posted it on facebook!

    When I met Brenda, I had no idea how much my life would change. Getting married was the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

    That is, until this very day- Thirteen years ago. The day God gave me (us) the first of what we know and believe to be the greatest gifts we might ever be given.
    At 0753 on Friday-November 12, 1999 our daughter Elizabeth was born into this world. A mere Five pounds and Three tiny ounces (she was Three weeks early) she filled a void in my very being that I never knew existed.
    Our journey to this point wasn't easy. Brenda was considered a high risk pregnancy and the early months were tedious. I remember the ultrasound when we saw her heart beating for the very first time. I remember feeling her squirming around for the first time. I also remember (and am reminded often) of the night that Elizabeth demonstrated that Brenda's belly was her domain as she forcefully kicked me in the head when I tried to snuggle.
    As we progressed, the time came where the decision to induce labor was the safest option. Thankfully it was not because Brenda or Elizabeth was in danger but, to avoid the increasing chances of problems.
    We spent Three days in labor and delivery waiting for the medication and Brenda's body to come to an accord on what would happen next. The staff and doctors were exceptional and very attentive. Things were going so slowly, at one point they considered sending us home and trying again the following week. When Brenda's water finally broke on Thursday afternoon I became so excited I ran out into the hallway jumping up and down!...... this was the sign the doctor was hoping for-
    I gazed up and down the hallway only to see a lone tumbleweed roll by. Dumfounded, I snapped back to reality when my wife called to me- *mmm..a little help in here...? I settled her back into bed and soon a nurse came in. 泥id you hear me in the hallway? I asked. No we saw your wife had pushed the 田all button. In a slightly calmer manner but still with a bit of panic I said 的 thought you had left? The nurse reminded me(with all sincerity and humor) that in fact, there were other babies waiting to be born.
    For the record, Bill Cosby is right, the fathers should get all the drugs.
    We got little sleep throughout the evening and night. Checks were frequent and more monitoring equipment was used. I already believed that this room was a converted closet and none of the staff understood my question about the 杜achine that goes PING?
    I think it was around 0600 that the nurse suggested we contact our 都upport people. Brenda finally was at Nine centimeters! Time ticked on.... our support arrived and, we waited.......and waited. It seems that Elizabeth started taking her own sweet time this early in life.
    At 0730, the attending physician came into the room and declared ten centimeters was achieved. He quickly tempered our excitement saying to Brenda directly- 土ou'll be here for hours?
    I learned a valuable life lesson at that moment. Don't ever say anything so stupid to my wife.
    As the doctor left the room, my wife muttered something. Apparently the nurse heard her and smiled back. The resident stopped in a few moments later and seeing Brenda's determination (to be polite), decided to stay and be ready.
    Twenty three minutes later, our beautiful daughter was 澱orn or perhaps 兎xpelled based on Brenda's defiance of the attending physicians statement ( did I mention to not EVER say anything stupid to my wife?).
    Relative humor aside, this was the most beautiful moment for my wife and I. Tears flow at this very moment as I remember holding her tiny little body for the very first time, Thirteen years ago today.
    A teenager- wow, the time has passed so quickly. I have watched her grow from that little creature into the young lady she is today. So many milestones passed, so many more to come. God continues to show us just how great he is through watching our kids grow up.
    How I wish, for just one moment longer, to hold my precious little girl on my shoulder the way I did that very first time.
    Happy Birthday Elizabeth!
    Daddy always loves you and you'll always be my little girl!
    I thank God everyday for all of the blessings he has given me- especially for the one's I do not recognize or see!

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    Default Re: My daughter has become a "teenzilla"......

    Very nice statement about your family and congrats on the new teeny-bopper.
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    Default Re: My daughter has become a "teenzilla"......

    Great story! Thanks for posting. Love your reference to "the machine that goes PING". How many other fathers remember the exact weight and time of birth of their kids? (I sure don't remember mine.)

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    Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
    Benjamin Franklin

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.
    -Winston Churchill

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    Default Re: My daughter has become a "teenzilla"......

    I am SOOOO sure that she just LOVES that story from the heart on Facebook. I bet that story makes her turn various shades of red.

    When our first was born, I put the Eight Rules of Dating my daughter on her door.


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    Default Re: My daughter has become a "teenzilla"......

    Great story and thanks for posting.

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    Default Re: My daughter has become a "teenzilla"......

    I really enjoyed that. Made me think back in time to my kids births.
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    Default Re: My daughter has become a "teenzilla"......

    As a father of three of these (all now in their 30's) may I suggest you savor every moment. Even the rotten ones. Like the fleeting shadows clouds make on the earth, it all goes by in a blink (which they make you do quite often)

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    Default Re: My daughter has become a "teenzilla"......

    Thanks for posting.. Our daughters, one in heaven would have been 35 , one age 34 and oldest 40. First person I seen the night our first daughter was born, I told them she weighted 12# 7 oz ,,,of course should have been 7# 12oz.
    Like arrow stated "it all goes by in a blink" .
    Have fun and be safe !!!

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    Default Re: My daughter has become a "teenzilla"......

    Quote Originally Posted by dmccarty View Post
    When our first was born, I put the Eight Rules of Dating my daughter on her door.

    When my daughter turned to 2 she is now 7 someone got me one of these:

    Dadd T-shirt, D.A.D.D., Dads Against Daughters Dating, Humorous T-shirt for Dad

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