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    Default I Miss our Son

    Last September when my husband went to visit my son in Guinea Africa is when I had to take a time out form TBN. I was alone and so much to do and then when he got back it was go-go-go all the way through the harvest to December.

    I really should have shared these pics earlier, sorry. my son is in the peace Corps as a Health education Volunteer. Me teaches maternal and baby health, family planning, HIV, and Nutrition. He volunteered for jsut over 2 years and will be leaving in March. When he gets to the Capitol City, Conakry he uses the Peace Corps computers and we talk live via Skype Voice Over Internet. When he leaves the Peace Corps he will stay with us for 2 weeks on the olvie farm. We we able to talk with him over Christmas and my husband asked him what he wanted us to make him for food when he gets by us. I think good food is probably the luxury my son misses the most and with his father being a French Chef he grew up eating very well. He said he had a whole lsit and he would e-mail it. We never got the lsit and were not able to talkw ith him again. Today we received the following e-mail which really makes me miss him.

    Hey Mom and Dad,

    I'm currently back in Labe. Sorry we never got to talk again, another one of our computers broke and a new group of volunteers came in monopolizing them. I'm headed back to my site tommorrow. I'm currently really sick. I think I have a fever and I'm super drowsy and all stuffed up. In fact I'm going to bed as soon as I'm done emailing. I left Conakry yesterday if you believe it or not and our bush taxi broke down and I had to spend the night in Pita. As you can imagine I was not a happy camper. Anyways, have fun on the farm and I wish you all the best. I should be back mid-February so we can talk then. I can't wait to come see you guys. I just mailed you a card letting dad know what I want to eat while I'm home. I forgot one thing, bacon. In other news, there's reports of more strikes, there will be another strike the 10th and will be going on standfast once again. This time though I'll be in my village where I know things will be peaceful.


    He could not get through on the computers so he is mailing us his food wish list. That just touches my heart.

    I'll post a few pics. in the pic with the food yu will notice some spoons that is becaause my husband was there, normally there is a communal pot and everybody jsut reaches in with their hands and eats. Every day it is the same thing cooked one of 3 ways. Rice with peanut Sauce, Rice with Leaf Sauce, Rice with dried Fish Sauce (the fish is disgusting!).

    There is no electric, water, sewer in his village, thus no refrigeration. There is a bar that serves either warm beer or warm wine in a box, take your pick.

    #1 is my son with his host brothers, you get assigned a local family but the volunteers have their own separate housing.

    #2 is my son riding his bike, in order to get to a large -and that is using the term loosely, city -with electric and internet, he bikes 70 kilometers each way, to the peace Corps Substation in Labe.

    #3 is my son and my husband in my son's village. That is a bush taxi in the background the white van, easily holds 15 people + the live animals and baggage.

    #4 is my son doing dishes in his house. he has a cement block house.

    #5 is local housing

    #6 is women working at the communal farm- note the men don't work on the farm it is only the women the farm director is a man though.

    # 7 Meal Time

    #8 is his Resume as when he gets out fo the Peace Corps he will be looking for a job.

    I am shamlessly posting his resume here becasue the members on TBN are in all fields and professions and you might just know about a job for him. Of course I am biased becasue i am his mother but I think he has a pretty strong resume for a peson his age. His dream would be to work in Washington DC but he will go anywhere for a good job. Hey you never know, it doesn't hurt to try old TBN, might be you know somebody who knows somebody who has a good job opening.
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    Default Re: I Miss our Son

    Good Morning Rox,
    I really admire your son for all that he is doing ! It certainly takes a special person to give to that extent ! I truly hope that he is well soon and someone is able to get him a good job in Washington !

    Personally, I would be happy to be working on the family olive farm, but thats me

    Happy New Year !

    ,,,course,,it is gas,and gas is,,well,gas,,so,,but it kills the @#$$ oughta them yellow jackets,,,thingy

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    Default Re: I Miss our Son

    Rox, I would not want to be living as Ryan is, at my age. But when I was his age . . . aaahhh, it's an adventure that'll make memories he'll cherish the rest of his life. I doubt that he'll have much of a problem finding a job.

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