Well, she was DOA when I went out to harrow last weekend, so I dug into the problem. Measured 6V+ across the battery, starter on or off... hmmm, measured 6V/0V across the starter starter on/off. Cleaned the negative terminal at the battery (the one I take off after each run because I was told the battery drains), still nothing. Check the other terminal and found the problem. It has a red cable on there, so it has the "big" clamp on the small (black) terminal, crushed as far closed as it could go but still loose, rotted away, and broken... ugh. I can't believe it ever started this way.

Kind of embarrassing... I had never check this one before. Replaced it with a new 1 guage, much shorter cable and she spins over easily every time now. Before I was always lucky to get her running.

The negative cable mush be original, it's very thick with what appears to be a copper connector on the battery end.. much heavier than the #1 guage cables.

- Patrick