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    Default Farmtrac 60 injection pump timing

    I put an injection pump on a farmtrac 60 and now I am having trouble with the pump timing. It has been a pure head ache from the start. I dropped the half moon key down in the engine and had to fish it out with a magnet but I got all of that squared away. I have some how managed to get the timing off I have it where it will run but it does not run well and does not have power. I have tried moving the pump hub on the slots in the gear and got it to run a little better. I have a service manual on it and it says that there is suppose to be a window to line the fly wheel up at 16 degrees. The only window I can find is down on the right hand side near the oil pan. I have turned the fly wheel all the way around and have not seen any marks on it. The book does not make this procedure very clear. It can not be to far off but it is far enough of the it will not run correctly. Can anyone give me an tips on how to index and time the injection pump.

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    Default Re: Farmtrac 60 injection pump timing

    First, bring the engine to TDC on number 1. Check to see that both valves are closed and the intake just closed. Now, rock the engine back to 16 degrees. Remove the injection line from number 1 and refit with the injector end hanging off to the side of the injection pump while the other end is attached. Now, pump the hand primer. Fuel should run out the number 1 injection line. If not, rotate the pump gear until it does.

    This is called spill timing. Very low tech, but effective.


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