Like many of you I bought the Farmtrac 60 because it was pretty much a copy of an earlier Ford model. According to the parts manual the Farmtrac 60 is modeled after the Ford 3620 (see page v of the parts manual).

I have put together a webpage to collect cross references for replacement parts which will fit the Farmtrac 60. Here is the link (it is pretty bare right now but with the help of other Farmtrac 60 owners, I think we can make a pretty useful tool for all Farmtrac 60 owners to use)

Farmtrac 60 tractor-parts cross references

Additionally, I have a copy of the repair manual and parts manual and will be happy to help any Farmtrac 60 owner by providing information from those manuals.

So, send inputs and I'll start fleshing out the list for the benefit of all Farmtrac 60 owners.