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    Default Parts for Farmtrac 360 DTC

    Does anyone have a good source for parts for this tractor? Online preferred. Also, what about a good manual that has parts breakout?

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    One of my area tractor dealers sold Long and Farmtrac for years. I had to go to him for a new starter solenoid for my Farmtrac 60 just last week. He can still get FT parts and has some in left over stock. All of my area starter rebuilders for Lucas starters can't get parts.

    My FT60 is a Escorts tractor. Your 360 DTC may a LS tractor which Montana or LS may be a sourse for parts.

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    My neighbor has a FarmTrac 360 DTC.
    I think he is getting his parts through a McCormic dealer.
    Some McCormic models are LS machines.
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    Sundowner Tractor- Long Tractor, Farmtrac Tractor, Landtrac Tractor, Longtrac Tractor Tractor Parts, Tractor Manuals, Tractor Seats sells parts for farmtrac tractors. If you click on shop online then either type in the part name or number in the search bar. Hope this helps you.

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    Default Re: Parts for Farmtrac 360 DTC

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    Quote Originally Posted by rogdan View Post
    Schroll up a little it looks as if this 360 manual is the older Long Mfg Model .Not a Farmtrac.

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