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    Default Farmtrac 665 3pt hitch

    Okay, what am I missing? I can't get the 3 pt to go back up after letting it down. It lifts easily by hand. The dipstick above the pto is registering oil, but It's clear... I've fooled with the two knobs under the seat... any thoughts? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Farmtrac 665 3pt hitch

    Make sure your draft lever is down. Should take 7.9 to 8.9 gallons of 80w90 in the rear. Here's what the manual says about the two knobs:

    The hydraulic system is equipped with flow and sensitivity control mechanism, operated by two knobs provided on the distributor. The sensitivity control knob (1), when rotated regulates the hydraulic oil flow to give smoother response to draft signals while using soil engaging implements. When setting the draft control lever, the sensitivity control knob (1) should be opened by rotating it in clockwise direction. In case any vibrations are experienced on the mounted implement, the knob is gradually rotated anti-clockwise until the A. Hydraulic Lift vibrations are arrested. The flow control knob (2) is provided to control the rate of drop, of the lower links by regulating the flow of hydraulic oil. When the knob is fully tightened by rotating it in clockwise direction to an extreme, the lower links can be locked in the raised position, will not lower even if draft or position levers are lowered. While, transporting attachments, this locking system should be used. The rate of flow of oil is infinitely variable between the extreme positions of the knobs.

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