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    Default Farmtrac 360dtc will not stay running

    I have a farmtrac 360dtc that will start up every but when the key goes to the run position it clicks and shuts back off. Any one have this problem or have ideas where to start looking, I checked all the fuses and there good.

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    Default Re: Farmtrac 360dtc will not stay running

    see if it will run with the sw out of the circuit, it may not allow the alt to charge but it will tell u if the ign sw is the issue. Its a diesel....yes ?

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    Default Re: Farmtrac 360dtc will not stay running

    Don't assume your fuses are good by looking at them. Somewhere on here is a similar thread I started.

    Each and every fuse looked fine on my 360DTC, but when I finally bit the bullet and changed them because I was running out of options, it started and ran fine. Oh, and mine acted the EXACT same way before changing the fuses.

    edit: here is my post

    Note: the fuse to replace was labeled KEY.
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