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    Default Re: How to prepare a plot?

    I'm thinking i will likely disc once and spray to kill the rest of the weeds, then seed and hope for the best

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    Default Re: How to prepare a plot?

    Spraying right after disking is wasting money, time, and energy unless you are using a pre-emergent herbicide. If you are going to spray and are using smaller equipment with tighter soils, consider spraying first with a non selective herbicide like Gly (RoundUp) then disk after everything is dead. Disk in amendments on final pass.

    If med sized seeds, cereal grains as example, you can broadcast them onto the disked ground then cultipack and you are finished. If larger seeds like corn, soybeans, or sunflower you can cover by light disking or harrowing. If small seeds are used like clovers, broadcast them only onto a firm seedbed. (Seedbed can be firmed by cultipacker, harrow, ATV tires, log drag, etc...) Once small seeds are sewn make a final pass with cultipacker.

    The larger the seeds the deeper they can be planted so small seeds just need pressed into the top of the soil. Any seed planted too deep will not grow.

    I see you listed a NH 9682, that's a little big for food plots isn't it? It will chance everything if you are using large farming equipment

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