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    Default Homebuilt atv plow

    This just popped into my head, has anyone built a lil plow for behind your quad? Got pics?
    What could you use to mimick a plow bottom just smaller? So it'd pull easier, and not cut as deep
    Could you use spades or something like that? Or do they not dig in

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    Default Re: Homebuilt atv plow

    You could use chisels like in a field cultivator or a springtooth harrow as some call it if you were not going to disk. But messing with anything ATV is a waste of time unless its small and is broken up at least annually with a real tractor and disk. The ones i have seen on you tube were junk, there to light to do anygood and the one i actually have used was a "plotmaster" which is not light or cheap disk/plow setup. It was pulled behind a big polaris, maybe 500+ sized atv and it overheated the ATV and did not do much soil disturbance. Weight is your friend in plowing and dirt engageing implements. ANd atv's are not meant to be heavy or have the traction that you will need to pull something heavy or deeply embedded in the earth. But thats my opinion and im sure others will say otherwise and have fine food plots from an atv.
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