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    Default 8n starting problems

    i am having problems starting the ford 8n it rolls over and rolls and rolls till the battery dies, but when you put it in high gear it will start with a little pull or if parked on a small grade i just push the tire till i am going and pop the clutch and it starts,,, i was thinking maybe the points are done or something like that???? maybe need to do a tune up??? anyone have a how to on replacing the points and stuff on a front mount distrutor cap or do i have to take off the hood ?? is this a big job or can it be done easily ???
    sn# 8n it8329 i think it is a 1947 motor is good and tight,, has all the power i need for what i use it for, but would like it to start with the starter, wife is ribbin me that i can't do my work without her to pull the tractor to start it any help would be greatly appreciated !!

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    Default Re: 8n starting problems

    So.. it pull or push starts fine meaning it has spark.. yet you think it needs points.. OK.. ( not! )

    also.. you really should own a service and owners manual for this machine.. 2 bolts hold the distribuitor on.. all you do is pop the coil bail off, and the cap, and leave them hanging and remov ethe dizzy.. takes about 5 minutes to change points and static time engine. points gap at .015

    now.. I'd check compression 90 is the min spec.. new ones oyu see with 130-120 psi.. and once it gets into the 70's.. they can be hard to start.

    I'd have that battery tested as well.. she really should die from just a few start attempts.

    occasionally the starter gets worn.. or the battery is weak.. or bad connections.. ( too small of wires.. need 1/0 not 4ga ).. and that will draw the battery voltage too low to make sparks.. and tha's why it pull starts because there is no starter load. plus pull starting spins her over much faster than the starter.

    also good to check all electrical connections.. the ignition switches go bad or get dirty, and the connections on the dash mounted ballast resistor get coroded. all those will drop voltage to the coil..


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    Default Re: 8n starting problems

    Hi duffer
    You might try taking the starter off and taking it to a starter shop. If the starter internal bushings are worn the armature rotates non-concentrically and can make physical contact with the field wiring as it turns. This will cause a dramatic rise in the starter current draw but it is not an effective draw because in effect it is shorting out internally. Plus as soundguy says when the starter is activated voltage drops naturally and slight deficiencies in the ignition system become harder to overcome as the tractor tries to start.
    When you take the starter off, be sure you don't pull the bolts out of the case, in fact I think they only should come out about 1/4 inch. Otherwise you'll have a frustrating time getting the brushes back off the armature. The starter guy can handle it if you can't.

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    Default Re: 8n starting problems

    Do a compression check.
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