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    Default ford 4000 starting problems

    Yes I have a Ford 4000 that has been converted to 12 volt it ran fine for months and I parked it one day and now it won't fire. I have replaced the coil and distributor cap and rotor I have also replaced the electronic ignitor as it no longer has points. When I go to start it the engine turns over fine but no spark . Now it was in gear today and I grabbed a spark plug wire while touching the start button and got lit up but it also jumped like it was trying to fire which makes me think it might be a ground issue but I am not sure where to check for grounds oh and yes I have gas

    thanks for any help

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    Default Re: ford 4000 starting problems

    Did you pull a plug to see if it was wet with gas..?? I had the same problem with my 310 Case. The choke cable slipped, and was not getting full choke. Same with my Ford 2000, just seems if the plugs aren't practically drenched with gas in cold weather, they will not fire, to run.

    Just a thought...

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    Default Re: ford 4000 starting problems

    since you say converted to 12v I'll assume you mean an old 4 cyl 4000 from 63/64, as all the 65+ machines were standard 12v from the factory..

    pull the plugs to see if they are fouled.

    use a spare plug to test spark on each cyl. if spark is good, move on to fuel. can test with start fluid.

    post back.

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