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    ford 3000

    Default new member looking at ford 3000

    looking at a ford 3000 does this model have glow plugs. no start with out either

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    Default Re: new member looking at ford 3000

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    I moved your thread to the Ford Vintage Tractors Forum.
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    Default Re: new member looking at ford 3000

    Quote Originally Posted by junkguy View Post
    looking at a ford 3000 does this model have glow plugs. no start with out either
    it does have glowplugs there was the opition of a manifold heater but thats it but depending on what injection pump is on the tractor u could have a button on the kill lever on the pump u push in to help start if its a inline pump but if a rotory pump the eninge compression is most likely low

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    Default Re: new member looking at ford 3000

    It is common for Glow Plugs to not function well as they age, there are a lot of easy to fix things to go wrong with the system, generally dirty and loose connections tho.

    If the battery voltage is low, the cables not tight or something like that, the GP system can fail to provide the heat needed for easy starting.

    As mentioned, low compression is another common problem, either from valves or cylinders/rings. Once it does start, check for "blow-by" - smoke from the engine vent, not exhaust, while under load. If it smokes a lot at warm idle, then yes the cylinders/rings are in need of overhaul.

    At temperatures we have today, you should not need glow plugs to start it from sitting overnight.
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    Default Re: new member looking at ford 3000

    junkguy.. where arwe you located? what are the temps there? thermal start aid should not be needed in moderate temps. as was stated. comp is likely low if it won't start in temps above freezing without aid.

    have you tried the excess fuel button if you have a simms pump?


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