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    Default 8n oil pump

    hey guys, still need alittle advice here please.
    my 8n had the low oil pressure; so wife's best friend is a retired john deere mechcanic; took the little 8n to him and he found rod bearing burnt, so he was going to just replace the rod bearing to save me some money, but he then pulled another bearing off and found it had, i told him to just rebuild the whole thing.
    NOW, he's completely rebuildt the engine and guess what, i still have the problem i started out with and that is 30lbs pressure when you start it at 1500 rpm; 20lbs after it warms up; and 10lbs when it's idleing.............he's freaking out cause he says it should not do that. i know i've read on here that 8n's are common to do that but i need to ask again, is that normal for the 8n. the mechcanic is now wanting to tear it back down and pressure test the whole oil system...........

    give me some advice............................................ .......

    also if you have time, explain to me if i change out the oil pump and put the larger gear pump in, what is involved in doing that? i know the mechcanic said something about line boring and i didnt understand so i didnt quiz him about it. does that have to be done with the engine torn down and crank out of it? probably alittle late to be thinking about doing that but with the new rebuild, i dont want to burn it up right after he gets it back to me. i did ask him about replacing the oil pump when he first started the rebuild, but he said if it were his tractor he wouldnt cause from what he saw, the pump looked good and tested good. so that is why i didnt quiz him further on replacing it when he had it tore down; now i'm wondering if i made the right choice.??

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    Default Re: 8n oil pump

    if you change out the oil pump it will need line bore as the pump uses the #1 cap.

    you might be able to rebuild yours with no line bore.

    i sent you a very detailed pm on the subject.. everything from cam inserts to valves and liners..

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