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    Default Re: Hydraulic issue

    I bought the new draft control link assembly. I went to install it today and have run into problems. I just can't figure it out!!!

    I am trying to install it with the hydraulic cylinder on. I just cannot figure out how to make it work. Can you offer some help?

    Basically, the pickle I am in is that the draft control link assembly couples together with the draft control spring... But, they mate right in the hole of the lift cover. So, I know they have to be mated up in a way that you can put the clevis pin in and then slide the coupled pieces into position.

    How is this done? I have thought it through in my head taking various pieces out, including the cylinder. But, cannot figure out what to do. I don't want to disassemble the whole thing if I don't have to.

    PS: I was able to get the hydraulic oil plugs loose with a pipe wrench with a length of pipe on the handle for leverage.

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    Default Re: Hydraulic issue

    you do disassemble it.

    check the exploded diagram.

    the cyl has to come off for most repairs.

    DO use the OEM 3 gaskets that are under it and the top cover gasket. no goop or make a gasket junk..

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