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    Default 8N Fuel Tank Vent

    My father just gave me his old 1949 8N and everything is pretty much original with the exception of a carb rebuild a few days ago. Everything works fine and it runs like a top.

    I used the tractor today for about an hour and figured I'd check the gas level before I ran out. When I removed the cap, a lot of pressure was released from the tank.

    I think I remember seeing somewhere that there was a vent on the top of the tank but can not remember where I saw that. Are these tanks vented somewhere? If so, am I looking at pulling the hood to get to the vent or is there a better way?

    This tractor has sat outside since the 60's and only cover with a tarp so most of the bolts are very rusted and removing the hood does not look like it's going to be fun at this point.

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    Default Re: 8N Fuel Tank Vent

    The vent is most likely a small 1/16" hole in the fuel cap. It most likely is plugged.

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    Default Re: 8N Fuel Tank Vent

    Quote Originally Posted by MIKE R View Post
    The vent is most likely a small 1/16" hole in the fuel cap. It most likely is plugged.
    The vent is covered by a vented dome. IE.. there is a small hole in the top of the tank.. then there is a dome over that with a hole in it.. so that fuel cannot get out easilly.. or 'stuff' get in easilly.

    2 problems happen.

    1, mud daubers clog them.. or 2, tank sealer / coatings plug them.

    virtually impossible to unglog the oem vent if sealer got it.

    standard practice is to drill a hole inthe cap big enough to install a pop rivit loosley. IE.. hole big enough so the rivit jiggles.. but small enough that the bulged end cannot pull out...

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