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    Default Ford 2600 Fuel Pump Issues

    I had been having problems with my gas engine Ford 2600 cranking and then dying. I have a tractor mechanic from one of the local shops who is moonlighting on the side working on my tractor.

    His first thought was that the points were bad, so we replaced those along with the condensor. This didn't fix the problem. He removed the carburetor looking for water then replaced it. This still didn't fix the problem. He now wants to replace the fuel pump. He doesn't believe it's functioning correctly.

    Looking on line for a replacement fuel pump, it appears that the 2600 uses a "Fuel Injector Pump" versus a "Fuel Pump". Is this correct?

    It also looks like a replacement Fuel Injector Pump is going to cost in the neighborhood of $600 to $700.

    Does anyone have a diagram of the Ford 2600 fuel system?

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    Default Re: Ford 2600 Fuel Pump Issues

    Try looking at the gasoline fuel system parts diagram instead of the diesel system. A gasoline fuel pump is less than $100 and the description won't say anything about 'Injector". Your pump has a screen in it and that may well be the entire problem. Or the screen in the tank shutoff valve may be missing or plugged.
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    Default Re: Ford 2600 Fuel Pump Issues

    i agree with rick.

    your mechanic is playing parts changer at your wallets expense.. sound like he's not done ANY diagnostics.

    starting then dieing is generally a fuel issue.

    if it had been burnt points from a bad capacitor.. it would not have restarted.. points don't heal.

    way easy to test fuel flow out of the tank... if you have a universal electric 2-4 psi fuel pump laying around ( boat external tank..e tc.. ) you could test that theory too.

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