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    When the old 12 volt generator was working, the voltage never got much over 13 volts when the engine was revved up and the light always came on at before it dropped to an idle and the voltage would drop to 12 volts or less on the gauge. It has what looks like a fairly new voltage regulator. I did the generator motor test before I put it back on after the engine rebuild and it would spin then, but not particularly fast. At any rate, after the generator light refused to go out, I decided to order a new 3 wire Delco alternator from fleeBay
    861 diesel problems-10simarine3wire_note-jpg
    and switched the 861D over a few days ago pulling out the voltage regulator also, as it was quite a rats nest of wires under the dash to begin with and needed the extra room. I expected to have to make a bracket to hold my new alternator in line with my fan belt, but after some head scratching, I discovered that if I turned the alternator upside down and the top generator bracket backwards that the alternator pulley would line up just right.
    861 diesel problems-5-9-15_new-alternator-jpg
    However, a smaller fan belt would be needed. I didn't have a long bolt and the auto parts store I got my new fan belt at, wanted $4 for a bolt, so I used a piece of threaded rod I had until I can scrounge up a proper bolt.
    861 diesel problems-5-9-15_new-alternator2-jpg
    I've run the tractor a few times since this and love the alternator. The light never comes on except when I first switch on the key to start it up. Even at an idle with all the lights burning the generator light stays out and the voltage was just over 14 volts and jumps up to about 14.7 when revved up at operating speed. Watching the plug in volt meter in my dash aux socket as I used the tractor, the build in voltage regulator would cut the voltage down to 12-13 volts at times, so I know it is not over charging my battery and seems to be working properly.
    Not sure what to do with my old 12 generator and voltage regulator now, but maybe someone else will want it to rebuild.

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    Agreed, the 12v gennies are good for stealth conversions. I suspect your vreg I bad. My 12v Gen can boo a battery after a day of mowing if you tweak the field or get one on the high side. I've seen lots of junk vregs

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