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    hello all,i have sold my iseki ts2205 & purchased what i believe to be a '62 ford 4000 4 cyl. gas tractor.lots more power,weight & room to operate.just a couple of high off the ground should i be able to lift an implement ? doesn't appear to be nearly as high as the iseki could but then the ford only has a spring where the top link attaches.the iseki had a type of knuckle that also rotated when raising the lift arms giving me more height.mainly use this for a boom pole,not much weight but every inch counts sometimes.also,what about this draft/ position control lever? i was using my post hole digger & couldn't get it to raise to clear dirt from the hole so i flipped the lever to draft i think.what an experience watching the phd jump up & down ! anyway thanks for your time,appreciate any wisdom you can pass along.thanks,revg62

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    If the 3pt won't lift very high in position control, it probably needs adjustment. Both the quadrant and the lift mechanism / linkage under the cover. Do you have an I&T manual for it yet? they are good reading.


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    </font><font color="blue" class="small">( the ford only has a spring where the top link attaches. )</font>

    If you look in the middle of that spring, you should see a rod going into the hydraulic lift casing. That's what controls the draft control. When plowing, if the implement draft becomes too deep, the toplink depresses the spring and pushes the rod into the hydraulics to tell them to lift the implement. With your hydraulics in position control, the spring has no function.

    If you have the lever in the up position, I believe that is position control. Rotated down, it's draft control. As you noticed, it doesn't work well when working a PHD if it's in draft. It needs to be in position control. In draft control, the 3PH stays in the down position until the lift lever is placed near the top, then the implement lifts. This has caused many people to get hurt because they think the 3PH is not working and then suddenly it comes up. For most of your uses, position control is what you will want to use.

    When your lift arms are at maximum lift, have you tried lifting them more by hand? If so, how far can you lift them? If it's a lot, your hydraulics may be out of adjustment or your lift arm linkage may need to be connected to the lift links differently. If there is only a little play, then the hydraulics are probably set properly. You want to have a little play so the hydraulics don't come to a hard stop and cause the pressure relief valve to open.

    Good luck with the 4000. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]

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