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    Default 74 Ford 2000 series gas tractor- Replacing Clutch

    Hi folks, I am replacing the clutch, pressure plate and throw-out bearing on my gasoline 74 Ford 2000 series tractor. I have the service manual, however, it does not explain how to remove the hydraulic pump. It has 2 lines that go the length of the tractor and I am not sure how to remove this safely. It has to be removed to split the tractor in half. Is there anyone out there that has done this before or possibly anyone with more detailed instructions on how to replace the clutch in my tractor? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Any tips or anywhere online that you can send me would be great too!!!

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    Default Re: 74 Ford 2000 series gas tractor- Replacing Clutch

    You are more likely to get a response in the New Holland forum owner/operator sub-forum.

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