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    Default Echo Trimmer Ignition Coil

    I have an older (very old) Echo trimmer that runs great for a while then stops.. but will start up again in a minute or so and then run for a while longer..

    In an earlier post regarding using Seafoam in it, someone mentioned that the ignition coil could be getting hot and causing it to shut down.. A new coil for it is +$70 that I have found, not worth it on a 15 yr old trimmer..

    I know NOTHING about ignition coils - BUT are they unit specific? Are there any cheaper generic coils that I could use??

    Echo part number is 15660107421 for what its worth..

    please educate me


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    Default Re: Echo Trimmer Ignition Coil

    I've heard the same thing about that exact symptom and ignition coils, heats up, opens up, no spark. I have no experience, and I agree, $70 for a coil is a lot for a 15 yo trimmer.

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    Default Re: Echo Trimmer Ignition Coil

    I had an old motorcycle that did the same thing. If the coils are not set in epoxy, unwind the wire, measure the length, determine the gauge, and rewind the core with new wire. I've done this on two different magnetos. If it doesn't work, you've not really lost much. You might try to look for a used one at various repair shops.

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    Default Re: Echo Trimmer Ignition Coil

    I have a 2006 Echo trimmer and about all the tinkering I do on it is clean the spark plug and I have had to use ether to get it started when it is cold and I have thought it could be a coil to blame but now I think maybe the spark plug wasn't grounded tightly enough.

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