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    Default Re: Echo srm-210 still won't throttle up

    Just left my local power shop that sells and services Stihl, Husky, Echo, Honda, Tanaka plus several others... been in business over 50 years.

    The owner and his head mechanic said the new California reformulated fuel has been good for business, very bad for users.

    He said all brands are effected to some degree.

    Best recommendation was to use a fuel without alcohol and a good two stroke mix...

    Lots of these shops are recommending occasional users to always run the tank dry and even offer premix, alcohol free, fuel at $3.99 a quart... ouch!

    I know a lot of old car owners are having nothing but fuel systems woes... thanks alto to the powers that be...

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    Default Re: Echo srm-210 still won't throttle up

    Had this exact problem with my SRM-2010 where after about half throttle it would die if you pressed the throttle further. It became incredibly frustrating. The problem turned out to be just the fuel filter inside the fuel tank. Just pull the rubber grommet and tubes out and pull off the filter from the end of the fuel line. Replace it from a mower shop. Cost me about $8 and it roared full speed after that. Try that as for the price you can't go wrong. Mine looked fine but it's a really fine filter so I don't think you'll be able to tell visually if it's blocked up inside...good luck

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    Default Re: Echo srm-210 still won't throttle up

    In my area you can buy 90octain recreational gas, this has no ethonal and is suposed to be used for small engines,If you cant find it call a fuel supplier they will tell you were you can buy it.

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    go buy a stihl

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