I got a deal on a Honda 4 stroke. It's heavy so you really need to use the shoulder strap. But after using pretty much every brand of 2 stroke on the market I would never go back. The 4 stroke is quiet and smooth. You can barely hear it idle. At wide open you can carry on a conversation at normal voice levels. It's a torque monster, I've never seen a 2 stroke that can come close. With the blade on it'll slice through saplings just like they were grass. It sips gas, one tank of gas will last hours. The best thing is no mixing gas. I use the same gas in the trimmer as I use in the rider and the UTV. It looks like more and more brands are getting 4 strokes into the market. The Honda is nice but I would look at other brands because the Honda doesn't offer all the attachments and the string head is basic while other brands have nicer heads.

After four years it starts the same, choke on, push the primer until the over fill tube has gas in it, and pull three times.