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    Default Re: Pressure washer, serviceable parts?

    knowing the system and observing the problem would go a long way towards finding a deal.

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    Default Re: Pressure washer, serviceable parts?

    First off, I would like to thank J_J for sharing his expertise. J_J is to small engines, hydraulics, etc. like Diamondpilot is to trailers. Always with the good input.

    Anyway, good thread. The pump on my Ryobi (bought at HD on a special for 400 bucks quite some time back) died. I had been winging it for quite awhile with a small electric one while casually looking for a replacement pump.

    My Ryobi has an Annovi Reverbi pump with no part number, just a 2.7gpm, 3000psi on it. I figure it might have been some kind of one off? I found the AN RMV2.5G30 somewhat comparable then found one on Ebay, new for what I thought was a pretty good price, certainly much better than the on-line places that specialize in these parts.

    I got the pump and proceeded to bolt it up yesterday. That's when I discovered the "European 22mm standard" output. This particular model happens to be available with the 22mm or a 3/8 quick connect. The quick connect on my old pump was NPT. I stopped at a local hardware shop and picked up the adaptor for 7.43 tax included. The salesman knew exactly what I was after. He said that they sell quite a few of those adaptors actually.

    If I can get another few years on this one, I will be quite happy

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    Default Re: Pressure washer, serviceable parts?

    I agree with you guys, i do gardening for myself, it's like a hobby for me. Most of the things you discussed here i'm never heard of them they are new for me. I just have a small plot of garden in the aged home where i live I feel better when I spend my time doing something in the garden.

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