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    Default Trimmer String

    Is there any reason not to use the toughest, longest lasting trimmer string one can find?

    I'd become pretty unhappy with my trimmer as I was trying to clear some stone walls of vines and brush. Metal blades would invariably hit a stone, throw sparks, and set my teeth on edge; the hinged plastic blades wore out in minutes; and orange or black trimmer string wore out in seconds. The previous thread here about DR trimmers sent me over to the DR website, where I bought a spool of their blue string with a twist.

    I had to drill out the trimmer head to accept the 175 mil diameter of the blue stuff. But it works, with each section lasting for a couple of hours working right up against the granite.

    I have no connection with DR and I don't own any of their other products.

    So my question is, is there anything wrong with using this string all the time, like trimming ordinary weeds or lawn grass? Haaving modified the trimmer head I will have to buy another, but I'd just as soon just keep using the blue stuff.

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    Default Re: Trimmer String


    I use a slightly larger string in my "weed eater" as well, but I think most manufacturers will list in the owners manual what the thickest line to use or what they recommend.

    I think it has something to do with the capacity of the motor and shaft to hold up to the extra abuse someone will put on the "weed eater" when using a thicker line. Sort of like a sheer bolt on a bush hog; you hit something that does not give and it breaks the bolt (trimmer line) instead of breaking the PTO unit on the tractor (trimmer shaft / engine). Just my 2 cents.


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    Default Re: Trimmer String

    I just find that using a larger string slows the cutting. The greater diameter simply means a larger blunt edge. If the weeds cut easily and are not fiberous, no problem, otherwise, I find the larger string and ultimately the lack of power is just slower. One thing to remember, store your string away from the heat. Some folks even keep their string moist. It is less brittle and does not break nearly as easy. On the otherhand, your issue seems to be wear against a hard surface. I find my weed eater works better one size under the maximum diameter.

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