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    Default Briggs pull starter

    No clue where mechanic is. He was supposed to bring a pull start fer one of my Briggs (8 horse from 1978) yesterday. I'd just wait, but the lawn needs mowed and I am bored :-) anyway, I have another "donor" engine here with a pull starter intact and ready to go.

    My question here is how do I remove the pull starter? Then how do I put it on. The engine that needs it has the remains of an old one, so the mountings are there. I need to remove everything down to the flywheel on both. Can anyone help??? Thanks a million!

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    Default Re: Briggs pull starter

    You're probably not getting replies because you didn't give enough detail. But I'll take a stab at it.

    If it's a 1978 vintage machine, you probably remove the sheet metal cover by removing two machine screws at the bottom (one on each side), and another on the top. Then just slide the cover off.

    You didn't say what part of the pull starter was broken. If it's the pull cord retracting mechanism, you can remove it from the inside of the cover. Be careful the spring doesn't get away from you. If the spring is broken, you'll have to replace it. I've seen them for sale at Lowe's. It should be greased when you install it, which can make winding it up a lot of fun. If the cord is broken, try to replace it without letting the spring loose.

    If it's not the cord retracting mechanism, it's probably the ratchet mechanism. That piece is threaded onto the crankshaft above the flywheel. Remove the two small screws holding the screen to it. Then gently tap on the ears where the screws were to unthread the ratcheting mechanism.

    Pop the cover off, being careful not to lose the steel balls that are inside. If the ratchet isn't working right, it may just be that the inside needs cleaned out. But check for wear of the housing. If you have trouble unthreading the whole mechanism, you may be able to inspect it while it's on the crankshaft, but you'll probably have a devil of a time getting it reassembled with the steel balls in there (on a horizontal shaft engine).

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