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    Default Removing a flywheel

    I need to remove the flywheel on a Briggs model 19 8horse engine from 1978, and i removed all parts of the pull starter and the oil pan from the bottom, and what do i do now. Wont budge. Any help is appriciated.

    Life is good. Lanse

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    Default Re: Removing a flywheel

    The flywheel is on a tapered shaft. Get a piece of soft metal...sometimes wood will work....and wack away on the crank side where you removed the flywheel bolt. It may take some real wacking. You leave the engine loose so it can move slightly. You'll think your gonna break something, but it'll come off eventually.

    I use to work on Wisconson engines and 2 factory tools were a 2# and 3# square headed aluminum hammers. Even if you try and use a puller you'll still have to jar the flywheel on the tapered shaft.

    Good Luck,

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    Default Re: Removing a flywheel

    What Rob said...use a puller and put some tension on it then whack the tar out of it.
    It will POP off.

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    Default Re: Removing a flywheel

    I've had good luck pulling flywheels by turning the nut around and putting
    it back on backwards. Make flush with the end of the shaft so as not to
    damage the threads. Place a small ball peen hammer face on the shaft and
    nut. Give that hammer a sharp wack with another hammer. Be sure motor
    is off the bench and hanging slightly in the air. It works for me.
    Good Luck elad

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    Default Re: Removing a flywheel

    Right, pry on the flywheel as you whack the end of the crank. Protect crank from damage with soft metal or extended nut.

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