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    Default Kawasaki engine problems (29 hp EFI)

    This Toro ZMaster 589 with the 29 hp water-cooled and electronic fuel injected Kawasaki engine was new last summer and ran GREAT. After Missouri started requiring at least 10% ethanol blended gasoline the first of this year, this engine has had nothing but problems. With 52 hours on it at the first mowing this year, the engine would lose power and die after 40 minutes of mowing -- usually with the fuel filter empty. My local dealership changed ownership and the new owner does not believe in giving priority to warranty work or commercial machines and a 3+ week wait was a major issue. Eventually I found a Toro "Master Service Center" that was happy to take on the issue and between them, Toro and Kawasaki, they decided it was vaporlock and removed the Toro fuel pump and replaced it with a Kawasaki fuel pump. This cured the vaporlock and the mower ran fine for another month. Then it started acting up again -- after 30-40 minutes of mowing, the engine cuts out under load but idles great and there is fuel in the fuel filter. It is now spending more time at the service center than with me. The gentleman that owns the master service center is oustanding, but is limited to what he can obtain from Toro and Kawasaki in the way of a fix. (I have drained both tanks and used different fuel to no avail.)

    The warranty runs out next May 1st and I have yet to do the last mowing of my yard this year, which looks more like a pasture and I usually pride myself in my 3 acre yard.

    Anyone have any suggestions as to the cure OR IF Toro and Kawasaki cannot come up with a cure before the warranty runs out after attempting to mow next spring -- what are my options? (In good conscience, I cannot trade this mower that looks brand new, off on a different brand knowing that the next owner will have engine issues and no warranty).

    VERY frustrated here

    Mike S.

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    Default Re: Kawasaki engine problems (29 hp EFI)

    With fuel in the filter, it's probably not it, but check the fuel tank vent, the fuel tank outlet, and the line itself for partial blockages. I've had issues with the 10% alcohol gas myself. It's awful stuff. I had to shorten the fuel line on my PT-425 to keep it from vapor locking.

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