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    Default weed eater question

    i was at Tractor Supply yesterday and they had, for 18.99, a head for a weed-eater that has 4 or 5 serrated stainless steel blades. they're hinged so they'll fold back rather than breaking. the blades are wrapped in plastic with just the edges of the blades exposed.
    question is i need something for cutting down tall, thick grass. my dad has some land that never gets touched by humans except for once ot twice a year when we go camping/4wheeling on it. the grass gets pretty high. can anyone tell me if these heads work for tall grass/weeds?

    also, does anyone make a universal clutch adapt-a-kit that will bolt on any weed-eater and allow a guy to attach a saw blade or the like to any weed eater?

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    Default Re: weed eater question

    I have one of those things, but have never installed it on my trimmer because I started to worry about one of those blades shearing off. I do know that a steel grass cutting blade will cut the daylights out of tall grass if you can find one that fits your machine. Typically, you also need to be sure that the cutting guard on your unit will allow you to use it. Unless you have mountains of grass and vines to cut for which a steel blade would be good, you could try some of that trimmer line that has the sharp edge on it and see if it is any improvement over stock trimmer line.

    There is a chain saw type cutter called an Eager Beaver for trimmers, but I have not used it.

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    Default Re: weed eater question

    I use a 7 1/2" circular saw blade on my weedeater/brush cutter.

    But Mine came as a brushcutter/weedeater combo made to take the various brushcutting blades. Problem is that they have a 3/4" arbot hole and saw blades were 5/8". But it was no problem drilling them out. The 4-blade brush cutter blades that you can buy dont work well at all.

    Plus with the saw blade I am able to cut sappling and limbs off of trees that were hard to reach before.

    If all you have is the string attachment, I'm sure you can buy the correct adapters to put a blade on but it will probabally shorten the life of the weedeater.

    Most of the ones designated as brushcutters are built heavier (straight shaft, steel driveshaft instead of coil steel, and centrifigual clutch instead of direct drive)
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