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    Default soggy yard

    My yard(which used to be a cow pasture) has a case of the soggy yard. I'm pretty sure that it's mainly from soil compaction(and being on the down-side of a hill). I think that a pasture renovator would be the ticket to help aerating the yard to help with my drainage problem. I don't know if there is anywhere around where I live that rent them though. A core aerator might also help out. I could always take a subsoiler to it, but I don't really want to tear up the yard that bad. Does anyone have any input to help me out some? Soil is mainly clay, and grass is a mixture of pasture grass with a small amount of bermuda. Thanks
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    Default Re: soggy yard

    all you need to do is use a subsoiler and make one pass every few yards were the water is puddling and then drive back over the spot with your tractor tire to smooth it out, ive used this technique with my cow pastures with good results.
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