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    Default old spirit snowblower

    Hi, just picked up a spirit snowblower this morning for free. It is a older spirit 2 stage snowblower,black and has a tecumseh engine not sure on hp. It throws snow but not very far and the wheels don't move it will freewheel though. Haven't had a chance to look at it had to work today and tomorrow. Any thought what could be wrong where can I find parts for these?

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    I'm not familiar with this brand. A guess would be a loose belt or pulley that is preventing the engine from giving full force to the impeller.

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    Default Re: old spirit snowblower

    I think the Spirit might have been built by Murray, or one of the many companies that have been associated with Murray:
    (Noma, AMF, Dynamark, Western International, Canadiana, Troybilt, Scotts).

    If it is a Murray, get the model number from the chassis and go here: Murray Parts Diagram Indexes for Snowthrowers ( 3865 models ) .

    Poor snow throwing is usually caused by a loose or damaged belt. No wheel drive is usually caused by the drive disk, or it's possible that the drive belt is very loose or broken.

    First thing to do is inspect the belts, and adjust or replace them if needed. Then remove the inspection covers on the bottom of the chassis and check out the drive disk.

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    Hi, thanks for the replies. Tore it apart and got to take a look at it, Pulled the cover off that covers the belts. everything covered in oil belts in terrible shape. Found the friction drive wheel is worn out and the oil is leaking from the crank seal. Oil just leaks out when running and crank has alot of play. Probably just put a ad craigslist and sell for parts.

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