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    Default 3 board fence help

    Hey guys, new to posting to the forum, but been reading for a while.

    I'm putting in a 3 board vinyl fence and had a couple questions for those w/ experience:

    1. Fence co. recommends a bag of concrete per post hole--I was thinking maybe just doing crete on corners and gate posts and just tamping soil on line posts--bad move?

    2. I want to install vinyl-coated mesh on the inside to keep kids and a small dog (30lb) inside the fence--fence co. says they have nylon clips that hold the mesh and screw into vinyl, but they dry out and break in a couple years--any better ideas for attaching it or making it look good--also, is it possible/necessary to stretch the mesh before attaching it? Either way, I'm going to cut sections for each section of fence as opposed to wrapping over the rear side of posts.

    thanks for any pointers!

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    Default Re: 3 board fence help

    Use the's more about stability than anchoring. Not much weight to the vinyl and a stiff gust of wind as well as freeze and thaw cycles will wreak havoc on it. That's been my experience.

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    Default Re: 3 board fence help

    A properly tamped post will be just as solid as one set in concrete, and frost heave can happen either way. However, setting in concrete is faster and MUCH easier on the shoulders.

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