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    Default hustler fastrak vs bad boy zt

    I have been looking at zero turn mowers to mow a 1 acre home lot. Pretty flat lot for mowing with a 20 degree slope at the back. I have narrowed my search to the hustler fastrak 48" with a honda 19hp motor vs. a bad boy zt 50" deck with a 26 hp briggs and strat. engine. These machines appear very similar with nearby dealers. The hustler has a much longer warranty (3 years vs. 1 year limited*). Both price out to about $5000. Would love thoughts from anyone. I think this is probably overkill and if anyone thinks that please let me know also.


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    Default Re: hustler fastrak vs bad boy zt

    All you would need for an acre is the Hustler Sport and it would last you many many years. Whatever model you decide on, GO WITH THE HUSTLER and choose a good dealer. You won't regret it.
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    Default Re: hustler fastrak vs bad boy zt

    I like my Hustler Fastrac 54".
    A solid, well built machine.
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    Default Re: hustler fastrak vs bad boy zt

    I'd go with the Hustler. I've been in their plant and seen how they're built. They're first class.

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    Default Re: hustler fastrak vs bad boy zt

    I had the same problem that you were having Hustler fastrak or Bad Boy..I went with the hustler fastrak 48 with the kaw. 19 hp motor becasue of the warranty and the comfort of the Hustler arm rest and springs under the seat plus the anti.rollover wheels on the back and 5 gallon gas tanks on each side standard...I have only had to use the mower twice so far and I went from taking 6.5 hours to cut my yard to Two hours to cut it the first time. The quality of the cut was about the same has my Husgavrana 54 in. lawn tractor.Thats was wide open on the fastrak, but the second cut I slowed the cut speed down where it took me 2 1/2 hours to do the same job.The grass never looked as good at the slower speed.Plus there were spots in the yard where the lawn tractor would get stuck because of the uneven slope this fastrak just zooms over thoes spots like it was flat.The only thing I will need to do is adjust the speed. Because when both levers are all the way forward the mower drifts to the left so one wheel is faster than the other...

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